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7th January 2011

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Kiva & Dermalogica Launch

In partnership with Dermalogica and strategic partners, today is launching to provide microloans to women entrepreneurs in low-income regions of the United States and 56 other countries.
A novel aspect of the campaign is its engagement of retail consumers as microlenders. Dermalogica, for example, will contribute $1 every time a consumer goes to the Web site and enters a code printed on FITE-themed packaging that the company is using for five of its best-selling products. The resulting micro loan is made available to a designated entrepreneur within hours.
"We know the collective impact of consumer action and socially responsible business practices can create sustainable and far-reaching change," said strategic partner actress Geena Davis. "Together, we can maximize our effort to empower women and girls around the world."
Empowering women tends to lead to faster economic growth,” said strategic partner co-author of Half the Sky and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

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