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23rd February 2011

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Kiva Receives Top Rating from Charity Navigator →

We have some exciting news to share! Kiva just has received a 4 star rating (the highest rating possible) from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator! This rating system works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of over 5,500 of America’s largest charities.
“Approximately a quarter of the charities we evaluate have received our highest rating, indicating that Kiva executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforms most other charities in America,” said Ken Berger, President and CEO, Charity Navigator.
The rating system examines two areas of a charity’s financial health - how responsibly it functions on a daily basis and how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time. Charity Navigator aims to help donors make informed decisions, while also highlighting effective charities.
We are excited to have received this coveted rating! For more information, please see our official release .

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22nd February 2011

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HOW TO: Spend an Entire Year Giving to Charity →

Try donating to a different charity every day for an entire year. Sounds hard, right? Well, it is, but that’s the exact goal that Carlo Garcia set for himself when he started Living Philanthropic, a one-year, one-man project to donate money 365 days in a row.

Every day, Garcia chooses a new charity and donates a small sum of money — usually around $10, but never less than $5. He then documents that day’s charity in a blog post on his Tumblr, where he describes the cause and provides some insights or personal stories to highlight its mission. Garcia, a Chicago-based actor and director, has minimal experience with blogging and social media but now relies on a suite of digital tools to spread his message, including a Twitter account, @deusexrockina, the hashtag #GiveEveryday,Facebook Page, and crowdrise profile.

Carlo Garcia, one of our tumblr Kiva members, has been featured in a story over on mashable!!

click through to read his story and support his causes!!

Congratulations, Carlo!!  You are truly an inspiration to us all!

Follow him here!

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10th February 2011

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tumblr: water →


The world is a mess.

People are sick. Starving. Poor. Destitute. Every day I read or hear about it in the news. There are so many people that need help. There are so many needs, so many good causes.

I’ve had it pretty good in life. I don’t want to sit by and just do nothing, so I picked one cause I think everyone can agree on. I’m working to give people something they absolutely cannot do without - the most basic of health needs.

I’m working to give people clean drinking water.

More than a billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. I don’t mean that their pipes don’t work; I mean that they have to walk hours each day to collect dirty water from stagnant ponds and muddy rivers. And the crazy thing is that for so many people, like for us here, clean water runs in lakes under their homes and village. But they don’t have the drilling equipment or the money to reach it.

Just $5,000 builds a well to serve a community of 250 people. My goal is to raise $10,000 towards two wells in the next three months.

There’s a lot of need in the world. I’m starting here. Will you join me?

Join with us, tumblrs..let’s fund two wells..enough water for 500 people…forever.

Message from Jake(Kiva team captain).

Since I’m always looking for new, honest ways to spend my money…I’ve decided to start up a tumblr charity: water project!!

Started another supporting blog for it here..clicky

Just passing along the good word, Kiva team!!

Thanks for the support!!

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7th February 2011

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Please help this lady. It’s kind of a shame this isn’t a straight up donation, but micro-financing does work. Please at least look at this site and just keep it in the back of your head and bring it up in conversations with your rich friends or family.

help out tumblr team!!

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7th February 2011

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KIVA - loans that change lives →


One of my best friends just introduced me to the organization, Kiva. They provide loans to beginning entrepreneurs around the globe to help fight poverty, without collecting interest from them. I think this is a better alternative than donating! Donating only allows you to help a single cause but if you loan the money, the money comes back to you and then you can keep on helping more and more people who need it! :D

come join the tumblr team!!

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4th February 2011

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Kiva - Loans that change lives


I just became part of a group of people changing the life of Jolly Suelen - just by donating $25! 



I was able to do this through the website Kiva. Kiva is a non profit organisation which links entrepreneurs in the developing world with people in the developed world. Kiva was set up by two individuals who had travelled through the third world looking for ways to help. They came to the realisation that a huge problem was that people were not able to develop their businesses or their education because of their lack of access to finance. Local banks and loan sharks both charged extreme interest rates 100s of percentages. 

So Kiva was set up as a safe and secure way for people in the first world to loan money to these people. Assessments on made by local partners of applicants and, if successful, they are then posted on where individuals can browse those seeking loans and then choose to loan to someone. 

The loans can be as small as $25. Each loan has a repayment plan and so your money is repaid over time. You can then choose to re loan the money over and over again - $25 never went so far! 

You can also choose to make donations to Kiva. They do not take any of the loan, it all goes directly to the applicant. They therefore operate on donations from the public and sponsors. 


There are many people seeking loans throughout Kiva and you can search on the basis of area of profession eg education, hospitality, health, agriculture. The people are both male and female. There are full descriptions about the loans available on the site. 


Kiva has been around now for 5 years and has facilitated over $190 million in loans. It is supported by many famous people such as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Hop on google to find videos of these people talking about Kiva. 

In addition Kiva is backed by various well known multinational companies such as Google, Visa, Ernst and Young, Youtube, Facebook and Intel amongst many more. Paypal have also become a corporate sponsor and therefore do not charge people for putting money into and out of Kiva. 


I could speak about Kiva for hours on end! To find out more information go to 

You can also find information all over the internet and youtube about Kiva and how it works. Send me a message if you would like an emailed invitation to be part of this - obviously no obligations to sponsor or donate when you sign up. 


awesome post!!

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25th January 2011

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Meedan to Provide Free Arabic Translation for Microloan Borrowers →

Meedan, a leading Arabic-English translation technology company announced today it is providing free Arabic translation for microloans on

The move will help expand the reach of Kiva and its lenders directly into the heart of the Arabic-speaking world, extending a global community of micro-lenders to include thousands of Arabic-speaking aspiring entrepreneurs. Under the program funded by Cisco, Meedan will provide expert translation and strategic guidance to Kiva.

"Meedan is focused on using technologies to improve cross-cultural tolerance, understanding and citizen’s diplomacy between Arabic and English speaking communities. We are honored to be working with Kiva, the world’s leading micro-lending website, to accelerate their reach into the Arabic-speaking world," said Ed Bice, Founder and CEO of Meedan. "There are 330 million Arabic speakers under the age of 20, so there’s a clear need to create millions of new jobs. This collaboration with Kiva helps address a critical need in the region."

Under the 12 month program, Meedan and Kiva are making modifications to to support languages that are written from right-to-left, such as Arabic. In addition, Kiva’s local Field Partners in Arabic-speaking countries will now be able to more easily reach Kiva lenders around the world with the support of translation services provided by Meedan. Kiva partners with local microfinance institutions throughout the world to identify qualified local entrepreneurs and provide on-the-ground services tailored to local needs. The services of these Field Partners are critical to creating connections that help bring important support to the region.

"Kiva’s mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty," said Premal Shah, President of "With the support of Cisco and Meedan, Kiva can now reach many more entrepreneurs in the Arabic-speaking world. It is our hope that micro-lending in the region will help enable individuals to identify their own path out of poverty, bringing great hope through the promise of opportunity."

"This program will enable Kiva to expand its proven model to Arabic-speaking countries, and help micro-entrepreneurs access financing," said Charu Adesnik, Cisco public benefit investment manager. "Providing micro-entrepreneurs with access to the financing they need to start, sustain, and expand their businesses, will put them on a path to sustained economic self sufficiency."

In the first week of the program, Kiva posted and fully funded eight Arabic loans, including entrepreneurs from Lebanon and Iraq working in a diverse variety of businesses — from hairdressing, tiling and transport to sales, fishing and tailoring. Kiva lenders have enthusiastically embraced these loans. The first Arabic loan to come onto the site was fully funded within 12 hours of being posted to

About Meedan

Meedan was founded in 2005 and incorporated as a nonprofit charitable organization in 2006. We have been working since 2005 on technologies and programs to improve cross-cultural tolerance, understanding and citizen’s diplomacy between web users in the United States and the Middle East. Meedan is headquartered in San Francisco.

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19th January 2011

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The Gift of Changing Lives


Before the holidays, on the Order Up Organizing Facebook page, we listed some clutter-free gift ideas.  There were lots of ideas ranging from food, to gift cards, to Netflix subscriptions.  While I like to think she was following along with those posts, on Christmas morning my sister surprised me with a gift that most definitely should have made the list.

Kiva Gift Card for Loans

A Kiva gift card!  If you are not familiar with Kiva, it’s an organization that allows you to lend money to microfinance companies in developing countries (and in the US).  These companies, in turn, lend money to small business owners and students.  (Here’s how Kiva works.)

I didn’t know they offered gift cards!  

I just used the money Megan put on the card to help two young women with their food businesses.  One of them is in Rwanda and the other Peru.  

It’s such a fantastic opportunity to help others to help themselves.

Thanks Megan!

Have you loaned money on Kiva?  A small amount can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

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19th January 2011

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No Handouts: Kiva Co-founder Jessica Jackley Talks About Poverty, Money, and Love


Lavin speaker Jessica Jackley of ProFounder and KIVA
In her recent TED Talk, the always-upbeat Jessica Jackley explains the motivations that led her to start KIVA, and why the unique connections created between lenders and lendees separates microfinance from traditional charity. What makes microfinance different? Respect and love. Jackley explains that people living in poverty are not just looking for handouts. They want the same power that we so often take for granted: the ability to borrow money to build something bigger. When we give not just money, but also love, we just might be able to “make tomorrow better than today.” From the massive success of KIVA to ProFounder, her new crowdsourcing loan project that is targeted to small businesses, Jackley’s pioneering thinking and unerring enthusiasm puts her at the forefront of today’s social entrepreneur speakers.

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19th January 2011

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Kiva Hits $100 Million In Microloans in just four years! →


Julie Hanna of KIVA, is flying over to talk to us at On Your Marks.  Read about KIVA’s fascinating growth before hearing it from the horse’s mouth!

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